Project Life 2014

This is my first year doing Project Life and my first year doing any form of scrapbooking. I’ve never really seen myself as the creative type but the Project Life system makes it very easy for those who are creatively handicapped (like myself) get started. It’s as easy as sticking cards and pictures in the page protectors. But, some people like to embellish and decorate their pages even further. That’s what makes this system great. It’s your party and you can do what you want!

I chose to go with a 6×8 album because honestly I have an unusual obsession with ANYTHING miniature. And Oooo… 12×12 you scary! It’s too intimidating, too many pockets to fill, albums seem huge… I just couldn’t do it. So here are the albums I am currently using.

The black album (my first PL project) is of my daughter’s competitive cheer, the blue is my 2014 album, the orange contains my acrylic stamps, and the pink is my daughter’s baby album. Don’t worry… I will let you have a peek into all of these in future posts! First, my 2014 album…

00. 2014 Title Pg

I wanted to keep the title page simple. So I added a little washi in alternating colors, attached a photo using my Tiny Attacher and called it good. Later, I came back and decided to add the enamel hearts. Not sure I completely like the placement of the enamel hearts but I am happy with how my title page turned out.

00. 2014 Title Pg-Detail 00. 2014 Goals

This page details my goals for 2014. As if naming them goals instead of resolutions makes a difference in whether I actually follow through! LoL

Thanks for stopping by!

[ Honey Edition kit | Midnight Edition kit | tiny attacher | Amy Tan thickers (these & these) | MAMBI sticker | Simple Stories alphas ]

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