jan pg 1 & monthly divider

I chose to do my project life on a monthly basis instead of weekly like most Lifers. I’m too lazy, too busy and too boring to complete weekly layouts. Wait… is that even possible? Anyway. Whenever I have time and pictures, I sit down and put together a page or a pocket.

This is my monthly divider for January. My inspiration to do my dividers this way was sparked by Geralyn’s 2012 PL album over at In A Creative Bubble. Instead of trimming my page protectors that had four 3×4 slots, I decided to trim the page protectors that had two 4×4 slots and one 2×8 slot. After using the 2×4/4×4 on another project, I knew I wouldn’t have used them otherwise. Not to mention I didn’t want to mess up my 3x4s as I will be using them the most.  This will also allow me to use the 4x4s as flip ups or inserts. I used my Portrait to cut the month out of a silver vellum. I like how it turned out!


This is the first page for January. I included a calendar card from In a Creative Bubble Shoppe, journal card from the Honey Edition kit, and a couple freebies. I highlighted dates where we had activities going on during the month and came back later to try out date stamping the bottom, right photo.


Thanks for stopping by!

[ Honey Edition kit | Collect photo app | SNAP album | calendar card | freebie journal card by Miss Tiina BananaFishStudio paper clip flag ]

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