organizing: stamp storage

Welp, it’s Spring (I think) and my craftspace is one of the areas I am working on straightening up. Recently, I had a request to have a looksie into how/where I store my stamps. There are some great ideas out there but when I saw Leena’s setup [here] and Cathy Vee’s setup [here], I knew it was for me! Given my love for anything mini, I just had to use one of my 6×8 albums to pull it off. Plus, I was able to find a couple Simple Stories SNAP albums on Clearance at Michael’s for $3.99 a couple months back so why not, right!?!

Stamp Album

This size is working quite nicely as I am able to leave it sitting on my craft table without it taking up too much room.

StampAlbum on Table

Well, here’s a look inside…

Stamp Album2

3×4 stamps


4x6 stamps

1×6 & 4×6 stamps



6x8 stamps

6×8 stamps


I recently bought this Studio Calico album and may switch all my stamps over to it since it will probably hold more.

SC Thataway Album

As for my wooden stamps and ink pads, I am storing those here.



Stamp pads

clear bin from Bed, Bath and Beyond



bin from IKEA

How are you storing your stamps? I’d love to see so, leave a link to yours in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by!


6 thoughts on “organizing: stamp storage

  1. This is a really great post. LOVE your idea for the stamp storage. I have thousands of stamp sets BUT I have a select amount that I only use for my PL. Thank you so much for the idea.

  2. I have been toying with this idea for about a month when someone posted it on project life 2013 FB group, but I was going to use a 6×12 album.. Still thinking about it.. Thanks for sharing. Aren’t those bins from IKEA the bomb?.. I want to get more!

    • I am loving those bins! I’m upset I only got two as I wasn’t sure what to use them for yet. Now I want more and IKEA is 4hrs away! Grrr…

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