Journaling Bible | Inside Cover

Can I get personal with you? Yeah? Well, I’ve always wanted to read the Bible. I’ve always wanted to have a better understanding of the word and God’s purpose for me. Recently, I came across Shanna Noel’s blog posts about her Journaling Bible. Combining my crafting with my journey to better understand the word is simply brilliant!

I purchased this Journaling Bible from Amazon and I simply love it! The leather is super soft and the stitching is just gorgeous. The Amazon pic does it no justice.

My Bible


I already have a couple verses in mind that I want to journal about but I decided to start with the inside cover. I wanted to show that this bible belonged to me and document the start of my journey into understanding the word.

There’s also a new Facebook group,  Journaling Bible Community, for those of us who want to share, gather and be inspired by the journaling bible process. It is a new community/group and is filled with some wonderful men and women. If the journaling bible process is something that interests you, you should definitely join this group. Everyday someone is sharing how they journaled a verse that has touched them. Beautiful work I tell you! You can also follow the hashtag #journalingbible on Instagram to see what others are sharing.

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